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    Liao Yuan Shipping Agency ,Since establishment , are able to provide all round husbandry services for all customers and save more time and money meanwhile.

    we are  more familiar with all the Terminals and Pilot Administrative Station, Port Police Bureau as well as Tug service company etc , and efficiently coordinate Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Harbor master, Ship's smoothest formalities. Emergency affairs handling, expertise on operation as well as local regulation explanation, follow up all requirements of ship on board with our abundant resource and experience in all ports .

    Our main business is for Foreign international shipping agency ,container management and related business .Service scope including :Container ship ,Bulk cargo ship ,Oil tanker ,Cold storage ship, RO-RO Ship ,Liquefied gas ship .Our services network extend to all Ports in China ,such as Shanghai, Ningbo , Qingdao , Tianjin ,Dalian ,Yan tai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen ,Zhanjiang ,Nan yang and Yangpu .

Mainly service scope:

Coordinate the pilot, customs and quarantine.
Arrange the tug boat .
Confirm the berth.
Liaison with harbor authorizes .
Arrange the crew change.
Shipowner’s representative ,transportation and boarding formalities .
Replenish bunkers and supplies .
Cash to Master
Nautical charts and publication supply.
Fresh water replenishment.
Spares part in transit , customs clearance and supplying on board.
Arrange hotels ,flights and car services.
Supervision of loading and discharge.
Emergency response procedure. 
Logistics support ,sea freight and air freight arrangement .