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    Liao Yuan Asset Management Co,. Ltd  is specialized in the assets, debts, consulting and management company, committed to the maritime and ship chandler,shipping and shipping service fields etc. We are capable to provide professional finance and legal advice to all client’s assets and debt ,  recover the local and foreign liability and outstanding payment and carry out evaluation and management to all creditor’s assets. Processing commercial acquisition, management and disposal of non-performing assets and the creditor's rights to all inside and outside company according to the market principle; Dealing professionally with maritime affairs, shipping, ship supporting company, insurance, trade, labor and overseas legal arbitration , Offering a full range of commercial legal services including litigation, arbitration and non-lawsuit field.

    Liao Yuan Asset Management Co,. Ltd  has adopted business model of the corporate system and team operation to provide professional high quality services to all bailor . With High cohesion and team work spirit,we have obtained the remarkable achievements and trust to our clients . We will try our best as always and wholeheartedly to offer all range of high quality services,avoid economic risks , retrieve commercial loss to clients both at home and all over the world . we will surely become your most reliable, and powerful legal shield to escort all the shipping companies .

    Liao Yuan Asset Management Co,. Ltd , is engaged in offering dispute resolution and consulting services on vessels and cargo transportation , providing non-lawsuit legal services on port,ships , ocean engineering construction and leasing to such relevant companies as ,ship stores supplier ,ship spare parts supplier ,marine supporting trader,fuel supplier ,marine fire fighting rescue company ,ship repairing company ,shipping technical inspection company ,shipping agency ,ship owner ,charterer ,broker ,port operator ,logistics company and so on .
Business scope :

-  Ocean transportation, international multimodal transport, coastal and inland waterway transport
-Bare boat charter, time charter, voyage charter , contracted affreightment .
-International logistics business (including air, land, sea, warehousing and logistics)
-Contracting, operation and management of the ship
-Port construction, ocean engineering contracts, waterway dredging engineering contract .
-Contract of marine fittings, materials, fuel supply .
-Shipping container leasing, custody contract
-Seizure, auction, maritime preservation and security to ships and goods. -  Shipping agency, freight forwarde.
-Cargo insurance, shipping insurance
-Salvage contract, towage, towing, port operations
-The crew labor contract
-Maritime fraud, smuggling and piracy at sea
-The maritime administrative litigation