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Development path
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1, Since the establishment in 2008,the company continued to develop and innovate,and vigorously develop the supply of the ship one stop service.

2, In 2012 changed its name to Zhoushan distant ship Service Co.Ltd.,become owned private enterprises,the reform is a significant development in the milepost.

3, In 2013 the company continued to expand the scale,the introduction of advanced management system and senior professional personnel,large-scale expansion of air repair services.

4, 2014,To achieve a variety of services, the establishment of the agency,and vigorously develop the general service of the ship,while the establishment of the 3 offices,Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian.

5, 2015,In the industry trough period,I Division after the leap forward development,maintaining old customers at the same time,and constantly open up new partners and owners,a new high performance.

6, 2016,We are stepping up preparations for the Hongkong,Singapore and India branch of the company's construction.

7, 2017,Division I is expected at the beginning of the construction of legal advisory network platform for more colleagues and shipping companies to provide legal aid.