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Fire fighting safety
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    Liao Yuan Marine Service specializes in FFA & LSA inspection and apparatus for new supply, as required by SOLAS, flag regulations and Class requirement, approved by class: CCS, RINA, ABS, BV, DNV, LR, NK, GL, KR, RS . Make sure each ship maintenance inspection done by us comply with relevant requirements with advanced facilities ,professional maintenance team ,diversified channel and excellent quality management system ISO9001:2000 .

    Our service engineers have been arranged for firefighting training course and periodically monitored by supervisors.

Scope of service::

1.Life rate and Davit  inspection ,repair and new supply(A、B type ,6~25 persons ,Throw over type , Davit launched type  ,and other inflatable type  life raft .)

2.Life boat , rescue boat ,davit and winch inspection ,repair and new supply

3.Portable fire extinguishers inspection,hydro test and refilling;

4.Fixed Fire-fighting system servicing(CO2,Foam,Dry powder),CO2 release system modification as Per SOLAS., CO2 cylinder with flexible hoses & loops renewed

5.BA, EEBD, Medical O2 Servicing,hydro test and refilling,Medical Chest Inspection 

6.Air Compressor Annual inspection and air quality test; 

7.Foam analysis;

8.Water mist system inspection & servicing;

9.Immersion suit servicing and pressure test;

10.Portable gas detector calibration, Fixed gas detection system service;

11.BA Air compressor quality analysis;

12.Multiple-gas monitor equipment calibration;

13.Pressure meter, temperature meter Annual calibration;

14.Pressure & temperature calibrator Annual servicing.

15.Magnetic / Gyro Compass, GMDSS Radio , BNWAS equipment servicing, EPIRB testing, AIS, SSAS and SVDR verification


Main cooperation and authorized manufacturer :

.All viking series liferaft, immersion suits (Danmark);

.Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industy Co., Ltd

.Dalian Mingzhu F.R.P (China);


.Hyundai Lifeboats Co., Ltd.(Korea);

.Hoei Senpaku Co., Ltd.(Japan);

.Haiyanpai, HYF & QJF Brand liferaft;

.Ishihara Dockyard Co., Ltd.(Japan);

.IHI Marine United Inc.(Japan);

.Jiangsu Haining Marine Equipment Plant of China - NHF (China);

.Jiangyin Wolong F.R.P Boat Co., Ltd(China);

.Jiangyin Xinjiang F.R.P. Co., Ltd.(China);

.Miura Machine Co., Ltd.(Japan); (Ex-MIURA VIDER,

.Ningbo Jiangdong Ruanshi lifesaving Equipment factory - CRVF-A, QJF-B,

.Nishi-F Co., Ltd.(Japan);

.Oriental Precision & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Korea);

.Samgong Industrial Co. Ltd - Samgong SG-F, SG-SV, SG-D (Korea);

.Shanghai Star Rubber Products Co. Ltd - CSM (China);

.Shanghai Youlong Rubber Products Co. Ltd - Youlong (China);

.Shanghai Haian Lifesaving Equipment Co. Ltd - HAF (China);

.Shanghai Huaxiang dacheng Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd - (China)

.Sheyang Saifute Marine Auxiliary Machinery Plant(China);

.Shigi Ship Building Co., Ltd.(Japan);

.Sekigahara Seisakusho Ltd.(Japan)

.Tsuneishi Forestry Construction Co., Ltd.(Japan);

.Wuxi Hailong Boat Making Co., Ltd (China)

.Yantai Huayang Rubber Product Co. Ltd - "Huayang"HYA,HYB,HY-Y,HY-YJ;