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Ship stores

    LIAO YUAN MARINE SERVICE has a professional team and perfect management system, we strictly execute high-quality ,one-stop service to distribute and deliver directly on board in accordance with IMPA and ISSA . Our company has more than 2000m2 warehouse, all ship stores are uniformly controlled and managed on the basis of IMPA type and code, so we are able to guarantee fast and accurate quotation and meet different ship owner’s demands.

    Since established, Liao Yuan Marine has been always strengthening the control and management of ship stores’ cost and quality ,and setting up high quality cost awareness to each employee .   Meantime, our company’s competitive advantage has been improved and won many support and recognition from all customers, so that we have developed better long-term cooperation partnership with them.  Sincerely hoping to work together with you from now on!

    Our company are capable to supply all kinds of ship stores and non-standard customized products including labor protection appliances, kitchen equipment and utensils, marine paints, IMO labels, flags, navigation tools, charts, stationery, electric tools, air tools, rust-removing facilities, hardware tools, fire-fighting equipment, marine drugs, chemicals and kitchen cleaning supplies,full range of insulation sealing products, assorted lathe cutting tools, measuring apparatus, marine gas, alcohol testers, pressure and temperature calibrator and span gas  cylinders supplies, marine steel, pipe joints, pumps, valves, filters, expansion joints, bearings of different brands, marine armor cables, lamps, switches, electric appliances, hydraulic cylinders, hatch oil jacks, hydraulic hoses, steel wire ropes and mooring ropes ,container bases and fittings, hatch cover sealing strips, marine fittings, Main engine and auxiliary spare parts,  anchor chains, shackles, propellers (buying and selling).